Over the years, we have been able to venture into quite a variety of projects-topics. We present a few of them here.

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Ongoing Projects

Image Based Census for Animals

Detection of animals in pictures and then identifying separate individuals of the same species

Deep nets analysis, exploration and visualization

Using different methods and techniques to try to understand what exactly dictates the decision a neural network makes

Document Recovery with OCR and NLP

Using OCR to extract text from documents and fill in the places where the words are missing or mistakes in OCR outputs using Natural Language Processing

Exploration into RL algorithms through games

Analyzing the performance of various RL algorithms on different games such as Minesweeper,Slither.io and Reconnaissance Blind Chess


Achieving completely autonomous navigation in a GPS denied environment, by using completely vision-based systems

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Completed Projects

Autonomous Driving System

To create an Autonomous Driving System (ADS) that would run on the open-source simulator CARLA


Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping in 2018

Crowd Analysis in Banking Environments

Developing automatic customer identification systems

Deep Fake

Developing face morphing systems for images and videos

Expression Morphing

An application that morphs any expression onto a neutral face based on an input expression

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