Over the years, we have been able to venture into quite a variety of projects-topics. We present a few of them here.

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Ongoing Projects


Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping in 2018

Crowd Analysis in Banking Environments

Developing automatic customer identification systems

Deep Fake

Developing face morphing systems for images and videos

Forest Surveillance

Use deep learning techniques to effectively monitor forests

Lip Reading and AVR

Using covnets for Audio-Visual Recognition and Lip Reading

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Completed Projects

Expression Morphing

An application that morphs any expression onto a neutral face based on an input expression

Fun with Faces

Snapchat like filters for facial images

Rubik's cube solver

Automated solving of a rubik's cube

Sub-pixel Super Resolution

Super resolution of an image using Efficient subpixel Phase Shift CNNs

Cell Segmentation

Our take at Government of India problem statement on cell identification.

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