Sessions: Fall 2018

We’re hosting the content we have used in sessions from the semester of July-November 2018 here.

Our Content repository hosts some of the older content, since 2016, and you can find that here.

Each entry has the corresponding date, topics (including the relevant post), repos, slides, dockerfiles and problem sheets used. For any issues either write back to us or raise an issue on our Github repos.

Introductory Sessions 2018

Date Topics Github Repos Dockerfile Problem Sheets
10th August 2018 Orientation Session Slides NA NA
10th September 2018 Introduction to Computer Vision Repo Dockerfile Problem Statements
20th September 2018 Introduction to Git Repo, Slides NA NA

Deep Learning MasterClass

Dicussion Forum

Date Topics Content  
19th September Recap of Machine Learning. Why Deep Learning? Link  
20th September Multi Layer Perceptrons Link  
28th September Training Deep Networks: Regularisation, Optimisation and Tuning Link1 , Link2  
1st October Convolutional Neural Networks Link  
2nd October Word Models Will be updated  
TBD Generative networks Will be updated  
TBD Introduction to advanced topics Will be updated  

Other workshops

Date Topics Github Repos Dockerfile Problem Sheets
8th September 2018 Computer Vision through the Ages Slides, Repo Dockerfile NA

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