Summer School 2018!!!

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Our Summer School sessions of 2018 begin on July 6. We are going to be covering several topics which should give you a basic understanding and hopefully cultivate an interest in Computer Vision.

We will be starting with the very basics of Computer Vision like Image Spaces and eventually move on to more advanced topics like Corner Detection. We will also have hands-on sessions where you yourself can try out these algorithms, explore and get a feel for how they work.

The following are the dates for the sessions:

  • 6 July - Linux Installation Session

  • 7 July - Introduction to Computer Vision, Image Spaces and Basic Image Transformations

  • 8 July - Histograms, Filters and Image Enhancement

  • 9 July - Features - Corner and Edge Detection

  • 10 July - Tracking methods - Meanshift, Camshift and Kalman Filter

You can download all the session notebooks from here.

The only pre-requisite is basic python and a thirst to learn something new!

We can’t wait to see you at the sessions!!

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