Team from CVI bags runners-up in YAH! 2k18

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Yet Another Hackathon (YAH!) 2018

A team from CVI, named “Eye in the Sky”, participated in YAH! 2k18.

We have an inter-disciplinary project going on in CFI which is in collaboration with CVI and Aero club.

The team, won the runner up prize worth 10000 rupees.

There were three subdomains in the competition and the team had to work on any one of them, these subdomains were:

  • New innovation and implementation in public services : Under the domain of Governance.

  • Gaming with a purpose : Under the domain of Education.

  • Personal Security : Under the domain of Security.

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The team chose to work on the subdomain of public services; specifically targeting Emergency Services and the use of Drones in Disaster management, employing real time Deep Learning and path planning algorithms in the codebase:

Our unique selling points

  • Doing live person detection with the help of highly optimised YOLO architecture using Tensorflow API.

  • Achieving live video transfer - where the drone and laptop were not connected physically at all - and also sending accurate GPS coordinates to the base-station whenever a person is detected so that the relief forces can go out there and save him/her.

  • Achieving live Activity Recognition for an SOS signal done by a person during a disaster. This SOS signal includes raising both your hands and waving in front of the drone continously as a sign of asking for immediate Help Requirement . Also this idea is not implemented and present on the internet till date and it is atleast 3 times faster than the fastest available method for Activity Recognition - which relies on using 3D convolution of frames across time.

  • Making an interactive demo where in a user can zoom-in on the map of India and draw a rectangle around the disaster affected area after which a team of drones will go and distribute themselves in such a way so that the area survielled by the team of drones is maximum.

Also the team would like to specially thank the CVI club heads Lokesh Kumar and Varun Sundar for their guidance and mentorship.

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